2008 16" X 20"Lao Tzu Painting
In the summer of 2008, I began listening to the prerecorded podcasts of Dr. Wayne Dyer's radio show. I was drawn to his great message of forgiveness and inspiration, so much so that I  listened to all 350 shows in a span of 2 months. During one of the last shows I listened to, Dr. Wayne Dyer mentioned the drawings of Lao Tzu that he had on his desk while writing the 81 essays for "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao" and how he often prayed to Loa tzu for guidance. Just then I heard my inner voice tell me "Paint a portrait of Lao Tzu for Dr. Wayne Dyer, and this will be the first of many portraits you paint". I felt a sensation come over my body and I thought "This is really something I have to do". I didn't know much about Lao Tzu or Taoism but I could envision the painting in my mind. As if the creative source just placed it there.

That day was July 21, 2008, and also happened to be a day that Dr. Wayne Dyer's radio show aired and I decided to listen to the live broadcast for the first time. I had never called a radio show or even read one of Dr. Wayne Dyer's books, but I knew I had to call in. I had an inner knowing that this painting was something I was meant to do and he was meant to receive. I called in and explained how honored I would be to send this painting to him and he graciously accepted. Now my painting sits in Dr. Wayne Dyer's writing space at his home in Maui.

Too many times in life we hear these inner voices and we dismiss them as silly thoughts. Whether you believe these voices come from God, the Source, the Universe, the Holy Spirit or Lao Tzu himself isn't what's important. What is important, is that you become in tuned with it and that you LISTEN. I realize that now and I have Dr. Wayne Dyer to thank for it. Painting from my spirit, my authentic self, and just allowing, produced my most significant work of art thus far. Dr. Wayne Dyer has inspired me and now my painting is a source of inspiration for him. I am humbled and grateful for this experience and awed by how the Universe speaks to us if we just open ourselves and allow.

July 21, 2008 is a day I will never forget. The day that confirmed to me that I am on the right path toward emotional healing and realizing my life's purpose. I am a 33 year old, and I have been on a conscious journey to healing since the age of 16. I have tried many different paths to healing and I'm delighted to say that through Dr. Wayne Dyer's teachings and my art, I finally feel like I'm on the right path. I don't know where this journey will take me but I'm grateful and excited to see all it's possibilities.

by Magali Torres
Dr. Dyer and I, New York Premiere of "The Shift"
"...I swear to you, Excuses Be Gone was written through this painting. I mean he speaks to me and I just let it come I don't even have any outline"

 -Dr. Wayne Dyer on his April 27, 2009 radio show